[lfs-dev] Expected package changes for LFS-10.0 ?

Douglas R. Reno renodr at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jul 27 19:05:32 PDT 2020

On 7/27/20 8:45 PM, Ken Moffat via lfs-dev wrote:
> I see that a newer gettext is now out, which probably allows
> bison-3.7.0 to build.  Meanwhile, I'm hopeful that bison-3.7.1 will
> be out soon, with tests to detect whether it can use the functions
> added in 3.7 or must fall back to functions available in e.g.
> gettext-0.20.2.
> But meanwhile (and particularly re testing/measuring rust and its
> users in BLFS) I'm trying to get my head around what else in LFS is
> likely to change for LFS-10.0 - particularly toolchain packages.
> For the main toolchain, I think that gcc-10.2.0 will be in, and from
> what Bruce said the other day on BLFS, a newer glibc.  AFAICS,
> llvm-11 will not arrive until September and therefore llvm-10.0.1 is
> as new as we'll be using.
> Anything else, anyone, or anything wrong in what I've written here ?
> Also, any thoughts on when we can start testing 10.0, and therefore
> which kernel series to use (5.8.0 will either be released on Sunday,
> or else a week later) - in my current build I've used what is in the
> book (5.7.9) rather than 5.8-rc, but it feels "so old" ;-)
> I'm trying to optimize my time for testing, and measuring, the
> packages which use rust - hopefully to propose 1.45.0, but also to
> measure their sizes and build-slowness with both gcc and clang.  For
> example, with current rustc-1.42.0 I know that firefox using the
> book's options builds faster with gccc than with llvm-10.0.0.  I'd
> like to be able to offer gcc as an option for thunderbird (for
> people who care about security - llvm is poor on security options).
> ĸen

As far as I know, we have another binutils as well (2.35). I think 
there's a new version of Check as well, the kernel, and util-linux.

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