[lfs-dev] Expected package changes for LFS-10.0 ?

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Mon Jul 27 18:45:18 PDT 2020

I see that a newer gettext is now out, which probably allows
bison-3.7.0 to build.  Meanwhile, I'm hopeful that bison-3.7.1 will
be out soon, with tests to detect whether it can use the functions
added in 3.7 or must fall back to functions available in e.g.

But meanwhile (and particularly re testing/measuring rust and its
users in BLFS) I'm trying to get my head around what else in LFS is
likely to change for LFS-10.0 - particularly toolchain packages.

For the main toolchain, I think that gcc-10.2.0 will be in, and from
what Bruce said the other day on BLFS, a newer glibc.  AFAICS,
llvm-11 will not arrive until September and therefore llvm-10.0.1 is
as new as we'll be using.

Anything else, anyone, or anything wrong in what I've written here ?

Also, any thoughts on when we can start testing 10.0, and therefore
which kernel series to use (5.8.0 will either be released on Sunday,
or else a week later) - in my current build I've used what is in the
book (5.7.9) rather than 5.8-rc, but it feels "so old" ;-)

I'm trying to optimize my time for testing, and measuring, the
packages which use rust - hopefully to propose 1.45.0, but also to
measure their sizes and build-slowness with both gcc and clang.  For
example, with current rustc-1.42.0 I know that firefox using the
book's options builds faster with gccc than with llvm-10.0.0.  I'd
like to be able to offer gcc as an option for thunderbird (for
people who care about security - llvm is poor on security options).


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