[lfs-dev] The testers user: could it be a proto-lfs user?

Kevin Buckley kevin.m.buckley at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 01:21:41 PDT 2020

Haven't got there in a build yet, as I'm looking at where to build
Shadow, so as to get an su. but have noticed that there's an explicit
"testers" user being created now, so as to run some Chapter 8 tests
that should  not be run as root.

Given that, when starting from a older LFS installation and coming
to use that as the host for a new LFS build, one has to create the 'lfs'
user, I was wondering if there'd be any gain, in creating the lfs user
inside the chroot, so that it would be there when finally  booting into
the new LFS system, and also using it for the Chapter 8 testing.

At that point, it would be the same as any other non-root user.

I could see that a failure to clean up properly before the chroot is
first entered might mean that the "new" lfs user might have access
to things that it should not have, depending on whether the UID in the
host got reused but, for an LFS system, it seems likely that you would
want an 'lfs' user at some point.

Just another thought though, really,

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