[lfs-dev] Errors with Linux From Scratch Version SVN-20200707

John Frankish john.frankish at outlook.com
Sat Jul 11 04:28:52 PDT 2020

A couple of errors found:

Chapter 6. Cross Compiling Temporary Tools
6.7. File-5.39

Building gives the error:

Cannot use the installed version of file (5.37) to
cross-compile file 5.39
Please install file 5.39 locally first

..fixed by updating file on the host.

Chapter 6. Cross Compiling Temporary Tools
6.10. Grep-3.4

Building pulls in a dep on libpcre from the host, which causes problems later, but can be fixed with "--disable-perl-regexp"

Also, but probably out of scope,

Chapter 5. Compiling a Cross-Toolchain
5.5. Glibc-2.31

Fails for arm (RPi) with a long double error fixed with an upstream patch:


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