[lfs-dev] libelf

Roger lfs at utgarthr.plus.com
Tue Jul 7 03:56:50 PDT 2020

Yesterday I built LFS-9.1 (sysvinit not systemd) with /usr 
on a separate partition. Localnet failed when I booted. This 
is because ip (from iproute2) links to libelf which is in
/usr/lib. Localnet is run before mounting /usr which means 
that libelf is unavailable. My quick and easy solution was 
to move libelf* from /usr/lib to /lib.

I've just looked at the latest SVN 2020-07-06 and libelf 
is still before iproute2 so the above would still happen. 
I don't see any configure option in iproute2 to stop the 
link to libelf so one solution would be to change the
instructions for installing libelf. If there's a better 
way, feel free to use it.

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