[lfs-dev] make keeps modifying lfs-bootscripts-20190524.tar.xz

Wayne Blaszczyk wblaszcz at bigpond.net.au
Tue Jul 2 06:10:23 PDT 2019

Hi All,

Since yesterday, building the LFS book has been cause some issues for me.
I've been using git rather than svn to keep up to date with the LFS repository.
But recently I've been getting a 'update-index --refresh: command returned error: 1' when doing a git svn rebase.
I turns out that 'make REV=systemd' keeps regenerating lfs-bootscripts-20190524.tar.xz .
Has something changed to have caused this?
I've even checked out using svn (svn co svn://svn.linuxfromscratch.org/LFS/trunk/BOOK) and the issue is there as well.

Md5sum before executing make:
c91b11e366649c9cec60c2552820fed5  lfs-bootscripts-20190524.tar.xz
md5sum after executing make:
cd1ebce5e7b89442f41f85fde5994a38  lfs-bootscripts-20190524.tar.xz

$ svn status
M       trunk/BOOK/lfs-bootscripts-20190524.tar.xz


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