[lfs-dev] init from Sysvinit-2.93 does not display version information

Ryan Marsaw rmarsaw at personainternet.com
Sun Jan 20 13:16:24 PST 2019

Hello LFS editors.

When I boot into my LFS system, the first thing I see is something like this:
"INIT: version 2.88 booting"

Ever since version 2.91 of Sysvinit the version of "init" is no longer displayed "INIT: version  booting"

Changes were made starting with Sysvinit-2.91 that retrieves the version
info from the Changelog.  For whatever reason this is not working
properly.  The only way I could get the version of "init" to display its
version is to edit the file "src/init.c" and remove lines 15 and 17 so
that only '#define VERSION "2.91"' is listed without the #ifndef.  2.91
had to be manually changed to 2.93 as well, to reflect the newer version
of init.

The line in question that retrieves init's version is from the
top-level Makefile:

VERSION=$(shell sed -rn '1s/.*[[:blank:]]\((.*)\)[[:blank:]].*/\1/p' doc/Changelog)

Any ideas?

    -- Ryan

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