[lfs-dev] binutils, elfutils-0.175, objdump, linux kernel-4.19.12 (SVN-20190101)

Jean-Marc Pigeon jmp at safe.ca
Tue Jan 8 16:57:32 PST 2019


Trying to compile kernel-4.19.12 (binutils-2.31.1 + libelf-0.175)

Compilation is failing with multiple alarms
objdump: saying -> file format not recognized.

Google say, problem stand within elfutils-0.175 + binutils

Suggestion is to adding
to binutils configure.

That remove the "file format not recognized" messages
but issue another alarm.
objdump: saying -> "file format not recognized"
once again google "noise" say culprit is 0.175.

Solution is either switch back to 0.173 or
within .config.

Could someone on list confirm, this finding.

What is suggested/proposed course of action?


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