[lfs-dev] Multilib patch

Kevin Buckley kevin.m.buckley at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 22:58:31 PST 2019

Have since had some joy, falling back to what I did before, in that I

1) Buidt the basic Chapter 5 toolchain in /tools using the default LFS book

Basically then, just

Binutils-2.31.1 - Pass 1
GCC-8.2.0 - Pass 1
Linux-4.18.5 API Headers
Libstdc++ from GCC-8.2.0
Binutils-2.31.1 - Pass 2
GCC-8.2.0 - Pass 2

FWIW, I also needed to build a Make 4.2.1 as the Ubuntu 14.04 one was too
old for one of the packages above.

2) Used the minimal Chapter 5 toolchain from /tools to build the
Chapter 5 multilib
toolchain, making sure to prepend all of the configure commands with
defintions, for CC CXX AR and so on, that pointed to the prefixed names
just in case something might be sneaking in off of the host.

This appears to have worked, so I am even more convinced that my
issues wew host-related.

Cheers for the feedback though.

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