[lfs-dev] Multilib patch

Kevin Buckley kevin.m.buckley at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 04:55:52 PST 2019

On Tue, 14 Aug 2018 at 18:54, Thomas Trepl <thomas at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> for those who are interested in doing {,B}LFS with multilib support,
> here is a patch on the LFS book adding some instructions to build the
> LFS core system with multilib support.
> Apply the patch to the LFS sources and run "make ARCH=multilib". If
> leaving out the ARCH= parameter or set it to ARCH=default will produce
> the book without any ML stuff in it.
> Running thru the book created with ARCH=multilib will provide you a
> system with m64, mx32 and m32 ABI.
> The patch is based on the latest development LFS book (20180808), not
> yet tested on the 8.3-rc1.

Just to chip in another thr'pen'th, I thought I'd point out that, after DJ
had pointed me to Thomas's patch (I need the 32-bit for an attempt to
install Xen) I found that it nearly applied cleanly to the "vanilla" 8.3 SVN
sources as well and that all I needed to do to see it apply cleanly was to
remove some comments in the XML which I assume got removed once
things moved into the development series?

With that in mind I wanted to say that I am often surprised by the number
of XML comments there are still in those "release tag" SVN sources.

The one other thing I noticed is that there must be some automatic
re-formatting of the XML going on (?) after changes are made, in that
a couple of the patch chunks only failed to apply to the vanilla 8.3 XML
because the context lines didn't match after a line had been wrapped slightly

In order to generate some dumps of the <screen><userinput> sections
for my own purposes (see previous postings) I ran the following against
XML sources that had been patched with Thomas's patch and saw

$ make  ARCH=multilib all-but-pdf
Creating and cleaning ../../tmp
Processing bootscripts...
Adjusting for revision sysv...
chapter03/patches.xml:130: parser error : Entity
'systemd-glibc-patch-size' not defined
      <term>systemd glibc patch - <token>&systemd-glibc-patch-size;</token>:</te
chapter03/patches.xml:132: parser error : Entity 'systemd-glibc-patch'
not defined
        <para>Download: <ulink url="&patches-root;&systemd-glibc-patch;"/></para
chapter03/patches.xml:133: parser error : Entity
'systemd-glibc-patch-md5' not defined
        <para>MD5 sum: <literal>&systemd-glibc-patch-md5;</literal></para>
Validating the book...
Validation complete.
Generating profiled XML for XHTML...
Generating chunked XHTML files at

but the patched book was generated as expected, however I was wondering
why the "systemd" patches were being referred to given the

"Adjusting for revision sysv..."


Is that just an atrefact of doing a "fuller" make that just a
rendering of the HTML
or something actually missing in the "development" XML sources ?

Looks like I will have to go back to a full redeployment though, as I see that
the Chapter 5 utilities now have some 32-bit stuff in, whereas my modified 8.3
Chapter 5 didn't.

I also note that Thomas's patch adds in ISL to the GCC Chapter 5 build: is
that needed for the Chapter 6 32-bit builds (which also have ISL) or just a
"nice to have" addition ?


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