[lfs-dev] Multilib patch

spiky0011 spiky0011 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 08:50:03 PST 2019

On 30/09/2018 02:57, DJ Lucas wrote:
> On 08/14/2018 05:54 AM, Thomas Trepl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> for those who are interested in doing {,B}LFS with multilib support,
>> here is a patch on the LFS book adding some instructions to build the
>> LFS core system with multilib support.
> <snip>
> Updates to this based on Thomas's work at https://io.ax.lt/. This is 
> still very much experimental but coming together nicely. I've been 
> working on jhalfs support. I also have a current patch for trunk (also 
> for Thomas's branch to allow building with jhalfs) and rendered copies 
> for both sysv and systemd in my homedir if anybody would like to take 
> a look:
> http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/~dj/Multilib/
> Thomas, when you are available, please note the changes WRT separating 
> the lib32 and libx32 with separate <sect2>s. This is required for 
> jhalfs to parse the files correctly. As to the other changes, in 
> additon to -m32/-mx32, I've tried to ensure that we use appropriate 
> -march flags where --host is invalid. None of this is tested 
> thoroughly as of yet, but my ultimate real world goal, in addition to 
> being able to run x86 binaries needed for various tasks, is to be able 
> to build x86 java without a full x86 LFS build handy. As of now, 
> jhalfs builds to completion on Systemd. I don't believe that I've made 
> any changes that would affect SysV, but I haven't tested sysv-multilib 
> just yet.
> --DJ
DJ Lucas.

I have tried building your multilib sysV version I get a error in 
building libcap-2.25 x32bit.

So far no problems upto here, I have restarted from ch6 a 2nd time 
incase I made a mistake.


libcap-2.25# make CC="gcc -mx32"
make -C libcap all
make[1]: Entering directory '/sources/libcap-2.25/libcap'
=> making cap_names.list.h from 
perl -e 'while ($l=<>) { if ($l =~ /^\#define[ \t](CAP[_A-Z]+)[ 
\t]+([0-9]+)\s+$/) { $tok=$1; $val=$2; $tok =~ tr/A-Z/a-z/; print 
"{\"$tok\",$val},\n"; } }' 
/sources/libcap-2.25/libcap/../libcap/include/uapi/linux/capability.h | 
fgrep -v 0x > cap_names.list.h
-I/sources/libcap-2.25/libcap/../libcap/include _makenames.c -o _makenames
./_makenames > cap_names.h
/bin/sh: ./_makenames: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
make[1]: *** [Makefile:41: cap_names.h] Error 126
make[1]: Leaving directory '/sources/libcap-2.25/libcap'
make: *** [Makefile:12: all] Error 2

I have no idea how to check what is wrong. If this error could stem back 
to ch5 then ok.

Both of the other parts built fine from libcap

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