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English is not my native language, I'll try my best
to give|share some ideas about LFS to Akira and you(list),
so please bear with me.

On 08/22/2019 10:12 AM, Bruce Dubbs via lfs-dev wrote:
> On 8/22/19 3:35 AM, Akira Urushibata via lfs-dev wrote:
>> I will talk about LFS on Saturday (Japan time) in an event for open
>> source developers.
>> The LFS Book has been translated into Japanese, but from what I have
>> heard, it is not widely known.  Initially I suggested the lecture title
>> "LFS: The Operation System Built Entirely From Source Code" to the event
>> organizers, but they said that those attending wouldn't recognize "LFS"
>> and ordered me to change that to "Linux From Scratch".
>> Those who have heard of LFS are likely to regard it a distant goal,
>> something desirable but hard to achieve, a lofty dream.
>> I will speak on the merits of LFS, how the build process works and
>> prerequisite skills.  Because I think consider a major shortcoming of
>> the current LFS Book is failure to discuss project management, I plan
>> to make it clear that you need project management skills to succeed in
>> building a working system and tell the audience what those skills are.
>> I will also briefly discuss disk partitioning, /etc/fstab and GRUB
>> setup which tend to be largely automated in the installers of major
>> distributions these days.
>> If you have any advice for me please let me know.  Thank you.
> Interesting.  The last translation of LFS into Japanese that I konw
> about is lfs-6.5.  We will be releasing lfs-9.0 in a little over a week.
> We do no consider LFS to be for beginners.  We assume that the users
> know the basics of linux/unix.  The book is already complex and adding
> things like project management would make it more so.  Generally my
> students that have completed an Intro to Linux course are successful.
>    -- Bruce
First: I disagree with Bruce, LFS+BLFS project is more than a cooking 
receipt to assemble a Linux distribution. Unless students have no 
"potential", LFS+BLFS project can't be reduced to an typewriting

There is need for "project management skill" and very good discipline to
have recurring success to build a consistent LFS (even more needed
with the bLFS part). Rebuilding from scratch over and over is a must.

Lets face it, upstream-designers are evolving their code, focusing
to write "bug free" code in their own context, oblivious of
other designer needs.
Just as example, recent changes in a library interface making
upper layer components "to collapse".

LFS team is making a very very good job trying to organize this "mess",
trying to establish a clean building path (from scratch), with
clear dependencies between components.
Not only this is not easy, but over time, dependency graph is changing,
meaning the building path is a "moving target", not speaking about
some package with nasty circular dependencies.

I see, the LFS project as neutral ground between the
"Messy upstream designers" :) and the "over patched distribution"
kit (RedHat, Suse, etc).

Hopefully, with time, upstream components could|would|should have a
"Can be rebuild from scratch" as a label from the LFS project.
Meaning, the component layer position is well defined, the building
language is according layer position and interface is
(I would say) static over time (beside those requirements, upstream
can write code as he like).

I think, the LFS natural and noble destiny is to provide
feedback to upstream and help us (us=software designers)
to build interchangeable standard components.
This can be done only within a group of people with various skill,
keeping the package integration context as their main issue.

On my side, I provided access to (their own) LFS-8.5/9.0 server to few
upstream designer(s-nail and bc), such they have made their
package more "standard compliant" having easy access to another
dev platform (this move was a real success for all parties).

Hoping this email will help you for your presentation,
Many thanks to speak about LFS to others.

seen "Linux from scratch" and looking for ISO files

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