[lfs-dev] LFS lecture in Tokyo

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 07:12:03 PDT 2019

On 8/22/19 3:35 AM, Akira Urushibata via lfs-dev wrote:
> I will talk about LFS on Saturday (Japan time) in an event for open
> source developers.
> The LFS Book has been translated into Japanese, but from what I have
> heard, it is not widely known.  Initially I suggested the lecture title
> "LFS: The Operation System Built Entirely From Source Code" to the event
> organizers, but they said that those attending wouldn't recognize "LFS"
> and ordered me to change that to "Linux From Scratch".
> Those who have heard of LFS are likely to regard it a distant goal,
> something desirable but hard to achieve, a lofty dream.
> I will speak on the merits of LFS, how the build process works and
> prerequisite skills.  Because I think consider a major shortcoming of
> the current LFS Book is failure to discuss project management, I plan
> to make it clear that you need project management skills to succeed in
> building a working system and tell the audience what those skills are.
> I will also briefly discuss disk partitioning, /etc/fstab and GRUB
> setup which tend to be largely automated in the installers of major
> distributions these days.
> If you have any advice for me please let me know.  Thank you.

Interesting.  The last translation of LFS into Japanese that I konw 
about is lfs-6.5.  We will be releasing lfs-9.0 in a little over a week.

We do no consider LFS to be for beginners.  We assume that the users 
know the basics of linux/unix.  The book is already complex and adding 
things like project management would make it more so.  Generally my 
students that have completed an Intro to Linux course are successful.

   -- Bruce

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