[lfs-dev] LFS lecture in Tokyo

Akira Urushibata afu at wta.att.ne.jp
Thu Aug 22 01:35:59 PDT 2019

I will talk about LFS on Saturday (Japan time) in an event for open
source developers.

The LFS Book has been translated into Japanese, but from what I have
heard, it is not widely known.  Initially I suggested the lecture title
"LFS: The Operation System Built Entirely From Source Code" to the event
organizers, but they said that those attending wouldn't recognize "LFS"
and ordered me to change that to "Linux From Scratch".

Those who have heard of LFS are likely to regard it a distant goal,
something desirable but hard to achieve, a lofty dream.

I will speak on the merits of LFS, how the build process works and
prerequisite skills.  Because I think consider a major shortcoming of
the current LFS Book is failure to discuss project management, I plan
to make it clear that you need project management skills to succeed in
building a working system and tell the audience what those skills are.
I will also briefly discuss disk partitioning, /etc/fstab and GRUB
setup which tend to be largely automated in the installers of major
distributions these days.

If you have any advice for me please let me know.  Thank you.

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