[lfs-dev] vim - FHS compliance notes

Ross Boulet rossb at rossb.com
Wed Aug 21 23:22:09 PDT 2019

I hope I'm posting this to the right list. I'm new to FHS and I'm working my way through the 8.4 book. In section 6.5.1 there is a reference to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, but the link to the web site is broken. I also looked at the 9.0-rc1 to make sure it had not already been fixed. The books point to https://wiki.linuxfoundation.org/en/FHS which gets to the site but says the page does not exist.

I was able to find these links that will get the user to the right place.



This obviously won't derail anyone's build, but I thought I would bring it up in the interest of accuracy.


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