[lfs-dev] gcc-9.2.0

Riccardo Corsi riccardogcorsi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 07:25:06 PDT 2019

Hello, I have a question about GCC 9.2.0
Is there a new option for ISL ?
I have in my configure (build of LFS 9.0-rc1) of GCC:
> ../configure --prefix=/usr            \
>              --enable-languages=c,c++ \
>              --disable-multilib       \
>              --disable-bootstrap      \
>              --with-system-zlib
checking for isl 0.15 or later... no
required isl version is 0.15 or later
*** This configuration is not supported in the following subdirectories:
     zlib gnattools gotools target-libada target-libhsail-rt
target-libphobos target-zlib target-libbacktrace target-libgfortran
target-libgo target-libffi target-libobjc target-liboffloadmic
    (Any other directories should still work fine.)

Have you seen this? I'l double check my /mnt/lfs instance...
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