[lfs-dev] VirtualBox running on LFS

Thomas Trepl thomas at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Nov 18 21:36:23 PST 2018

Am Sonntag, den 18.11.2018, 23:35 +0000 schrieb Ken Moffat via lfs-
> On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 10:52:54PM +0100, Thomas Trepl via lfs-dev wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > today VirtualBox started on a LFS host and i was able to start a VM
> > with it. I'm definitely not saying it is fully functional, much more
> > testing and bug fixing might be required for that. It is for sure not
> > "production ready" yet as some errors are still there. It does not
> > work to start machines using the GUI, but it is possible to start them
> > using the CLI tool "VBoxManage". So i think its some kind of
> > configuration issue, fundamently it seems that VBox is working.
> Cool, and congratulations.  Just one question.
> > Well, i forgot that the kernel i run
> > wasn't 32-bit enabled. Booting the right kernel, all was fine again.
> > In kernel config, don't forget to set
> > 
> >    Executable file formats / Emulations  --->
> >       [*] IA32 Emulation
> >       < |M|*>   IA32 a.out support
> >       [*] x32 ABI for 64-bit mode
> > 
> IA32 is clearly needed for 32-bit support, no argument about that.
> But x32 is a different thing entirely, and I wonder if anybody
> (except gentoo and perhaps debian) use it ?  In particular, gcc and
> g++ need -mx32.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X32_ABI
> But I see that you do have libx32 in your diff, so perhaps you
> really are using it.

mx32 is in the patch more or less just to have it. I also do not need
it for the VirtualBox stuff. It was more an exercise when doing
multilib as the configure options and CFLAGS are different to m32 as
well as to m64.
Alain was interested in mx32 to limit memory usage of tasks to 4GB on
a large system with 32 or 64 GB memory.


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