[lfs-dev] kernel oddities

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Mon Mar 5 15:30:41 PST 2018

I had a couple of oddities this weekend, possibly related to kernel

The first was on my old SandyBridge i3 which was my last desktop
machine to get 8.2, and I moved the kernel to 4.15.7.  On Saturday
it was building desktop packages, and twice it rebooted whilst I was
away from it.  Nothing in the logs, maybe a triple-fault (never
understood the details, but I believe those cause an instant
reboot).  Actually, the first time it was more or less idle (I'd
left an old mozilla-beta tree in my build area, and ran out of space
on that filesystem when building rustc).  The second time was
somewhere in libreoffice which is a large build (many languages) on
that machine.

After that I went back to 4.15.3.  That managed libreoffice and the
rest of the build (audio/video, Qt, qtwebengine, etc) without
rebooting although the system was pretty unusable while qtwebengine
was building (it has nearly 4GB of DRAM and was using 2GB+ of swap,
trying to open libreoffice during that was "not clever" ;)

The second oddity was on my server.  This is actually a desktop box
(Skylake i3) and I made a fubar when looking at the spec - I need an
add-on PCIe card to hold one of my RAID drives and the CD/DVD :
haven't moved to live sticks for recovery at the moment.  The add-on
card is iffy - from time to time a boot has hung after the message
that it is checking filesystems.  More recently (4.14 kernels) it
has mostly booted without problems, but for some reason I recall
messages about ATI6 (the RAID drive on the card).  Anyway:

Booted 4.14.23 on the 8.2 system, with the "withdrawn" firmware from
January (should now be ok on this skylake, although the kernel will
for the moment disregard the spectre protection).  But every time it
hung (only the reset button worked) after enabling smartd on all the
disks, with a message about ATA6.  Went back to 8.1 and 4.14.18 with
the same microcode, it booted fine.  Eventually I changed the
microcode to the older version and 8.2 / 4.14.23 booted.  For the
moment, all this is anecdotal apart from saying "make sure you have a
recovery option".

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