[lfs-dev] Perl test times

Jonathan Cottrill linuxfromscratch at jonathancottrill.net
Fri Jun 30 14:12:59 PDT 2017

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Jonathan Cottrill wrote:
> > As mentioned in Chapter 6, the Perl tests take quite a bit of time when 
> > with "make -k test". The testing framework used by Perl doesn't respect 
the -j
> > option to make, so the tests never run in parallel.
> >
> > There's another way to run the Perl test suite, using the test_harness 
> > target and the TEST_JOBS variable; for example:
> >
> > TEST_JOBS=8 make test_harness
> >
> > (I picked 8 in this case based on trial and error and load averages on my
> > quad-core system.) On my system, the test time went from 10m6s to 2m24s.
> >
> > The docs (https://perldoc.perl.org/perlhack.html#Parallel-tests) do point 
> > a caveat that could make this less than ideal for LFS builders: There are 
> > tests that supposedly become flaky when run in parallel, like dist/IO/t/
> > io_dir.t. However, I've run the suite several times this way, and have yet 
> > see any new failures (the expected Compress-Raw-Zlib and IO-Compress 
> > still occur, of course). dist/IO/t/io_dir.t is always reported as "ok".
> >
> > A slight oddity of running this way is that the output is a bit different.
> > Skipped tests have additional information about why they're skipped, and 
> > final report on test failures is more detailed.
> At about 2.5 SBU, I do not think the test time for perl is excessive.  I 
> think we can just leave this as is.
> I have added notes to libtool and autoconf on how to speed up tests.
>    -- Bruce 

Makes sense to me. Thanks!

I'm specifically working on improving build/test times for packages, now; if I 
find other things, is there a threshold in SBU where it's worth mentioning on 
this list? Don't want to spam people, but also happy to pass on my findings 
when they might be helpful.

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