[lfs-dev] Libtool & Autoconf test times

Jonathan Cottrill linuxfromscratch at jonathancottrill.net
Wed Jun 28 19:18:47 PDT 2017

In Chapter 6, both Libtool and Autoconf mention that the "make check" commands 
take a lot of time (and they do). Since these use Autotest, they don't respect 
the -j flag to make (which LFS builders may have set as the MAKEFLAGS variable 
from the note in section 4.5); however, they *do* respect the TESTSUITEFLAGS 
variable. For example:

make check TESTSUITEFLAGS='-j4'

This helps a great deal; on my VM (quad-core), setting the variable to -j6 (6 
is based on trial and error while watching load averages) results in the 
following time difference:

Libtool: from 16m48s to 6m0s
Autoconf: from 10m24s to 2m27s

Would that be worth mentioning somewhere in the book, or is it too much 
messing around for builders to worry about?


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