[lfs-dev] Updates wrt LFS-SVN

Alain Toussaint atoussaint1976 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 10:58:18 PDT 2017


I've been overdue in giving an update for the svn versions of LFS +
some of BLFS needed to ensure basic internet connectivity and hardware
discovery (pciutils, usb-utils et al.)

During the build I first attempted to build with -Os as cflags in the
chapter 5 but upon testing the glibc build in chapter 6, I retested a
build using -O2 instead and had a total of 3 failures in glibc with
these CFLAGS:

-O2 -pipe -march=generic -mtune=generic -m64 (redundant) -mfpmath=sse
and other flags related to 128 bits float alignment and padding as
used by sse and sse2 units.

all of LFS-SVN compiled fine with these settings including systemd in
its default build configuration (which I assume used gold as intended
by the configure script which look for it).

The distribution was installed into a ramdrive of 1.5GB (commands: dd
if=/dev/zero of=lfsboot.img bs=1.5G count=1 conv=fsync
status=progress; losetup, mkfs.ext4 and mount) with suitable kernel
compilation options. the total size of the installation is 944MB and
the remaining space ensure systemd journald service doesn't run out of
ram space for its log. I will investigate journald to ensure log
aren't written to disk.

There are 2 version of usb keys, one with grub for bios style boot (&
dos style partitioning and one with the refind boot manager, for UEFI
(and gpt based partitioning). Both are otherwise identical and they
all boot fine on a range of hardware including x86_64 pentium IV.

My current project is to take a core2 based desktop computer with a 1
TB hard disk and turn it into a database & website for biomedical
purpose (personal interest stemming from a published work
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21833294) as well as a build
server to regularly test LFS build (on each new date of publication).
There won't be more services available because the database in itself
will take a minimum of 200GB of disk space and potentially a lot more
(I'm in the process of being hired by a Concordia university professor
to work in the biomedical text mining field among other). I'm not sure
that last part of information is relevant but in any case, this will
represent a good testbed for the stability of LFS-SVN. The database
server used will be postgresql 10 beta1 up to release because of the
support for xml data and the data come from a download of the entirety
of pubmed xml data files in compressed form (26GB likely expanding to
slightly over 200GB uncompressed).

Please excuse me for the length of the email.


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