[lfs-dev] Section 5.17: Bison-3.0.4 make check

Jonathan Cottrill linuxfromscratch at jonathancottrill.net
Wed Jun 14 13:59:02 PDT 2017

The book mentions in section 5.17 (8.0 and latest nightly) that you
can run "make check" for Bison; however, this is sure to fail with an
unpleasant make error at this stage *unless* you have Flex installed
on your host system (and it's not listed in section 2.2, "Host System

I see in section 6.29 (in 8.0; 6.31 in latest nightly) there's an
explanation for this, a circular dependency between Flex and Bison.

Since Flex isn't a host requirement, isn't built in Chapter 5, and has
this unfortunate circular dependency, would it work to note in 5.17
that "make check" will fail and should simply be skipped?

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