[lfs-dev] Oddities while testing.

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 12:15:32 PDT 2017

Alain Toussaint wrote:
> Hello,
> I've recently registered to this mailing list some time ago to report on
> an LFS svn build for which I had to disable the gold linker for the build
> of systemd.
> I just restarted a new build using the 2017-06-02 version of LFS. So far,
> the first oddity is that chapter 5 glibc need to be built with the
> --disable-werror flag.
> I'm compiling and installing in a pair of 16GiB tmpfs (the system has
> 32GiB of ram) using -j$(nproc) which is 8 core calculated.
> This is for an installation on a bootable usb key later.

Please don't top post.  This seems to be a new topic, so just deleting 
everything after your message is reasonable.

We do not use the gold linker although we do build it.

You really shouldn't need --disable-werror for glibc-2.25.  I've built it 
with gcc-7.1 and it builds fine without it.  It's possible you may need it 
if you are using an older version of gcc.

My experience in building on a ram disk is that it gives about an 8% 
speedup.  The build process is CPU bound, not disk bound.

   -- Bruce

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