[lfs-dev] Oddities while testing.

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Fri Jun 2 17:43:11 PDT 2017

I've been building a partial system so that I'm ready for the 2017
texlive.  A large part of the eventual test will be all the deps for
biber (something like 100+ perl modules, including those needed for
testing each dependency) so I wanted to use perl-5.26 in case any are
not yet up-to-date.

I built a system on another machine using 2017-05-13 versions, so I
figured I would stick with those versions and just update perl (and
try the rpc "replacement" for BLFS - I've already documented that).

Well, apart from the fun of the perl-5.26.0 build with static libs
(thanks, Armin, for explaining the problem), I had two odd issues.

I build in Xorg, with one (urxvt) term for the build.

In perl, I run the tests in chroot with 'make test >some.log 2>&1'.

I've had issues in the past with lib/Benchmark.t hanging (bad kernel
config), so when I noticed the perl tests seemed to be taking a long
time I opened another term and ran 'tail -f' on the log.  To my
consternation, the only thing in the log was the output from building
the test progs, nothing from the tests themselves.  Fortunately, the
tests did complete (with the normal extra failures for that machine)
and at that point the log showed all the results.

But I'm sure I've run 'tail -f' on perl test logs in chroot on some
previous builds without problem.

The other odd thing was vim - I run the tests, and then I add '||
true' so that the expected failure won't break my script by
returning false.  But the tests got to there, and then nothing more
happened, i.e. it did not start to install vim (it just sat there
for hours).  I cancelled that, retried, again it hung.  So for the
moment I've commented out the vim tests.  Unfortunately I overwrote
the original vim testlog when I retried, but it looked like a normal

At the moment these are just two more data points for the continuing
"ain't life weird?" saga.  Hope your builds are not so odd as mine

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everything is a duck as far as I'm concerned.  -- Monstrous Regiment

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