[lfs-dev] LFS XML validation

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 09:06:38 PDT 2017

Jeremy Henty wrote:
> I ran my XML validator against  the latest LFS subversion checkout and
> it found errors in two files.  The report is attached.  Looking at the
> file names I  suspect that the errors don't really  matter but I don't
> understand the LFS source well enough to be sure.  I would welcome any
> feedback, particularly suggestions for files I should be ignoring.
> I  am also  a little  surprised by  the number  of XML  files that  it
> checks.  I assumed that the LFS  source would be much smaller than the
> BLFS source, but apparently it is not.  Unless I am missing something?

The stylesheets are, for the most part, imported from upstream.  We don't 
modify them.

In this case RELEASE-NOTES-TMP.xml is not used by us and template.xml is 
an example that is meant to be copied and modified as needed.

You should ignore everything in

   -- Bruce

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