[lfs-dev] LFS-8.1-systemd comments.

Allard Welter allard.welter at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 23:06:58 PST 2017

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

Overall, thank you for your detailed comments.  They are much appreciated.

You're very welcome. Perhaps you want to talk to my students about handing
their assignments in on time - that was a very quick response :)

> In the future, you may want to use the on-line chunked version of the book
> or download the tarball of the chunked version.
> When referring to a section, mentioning the name of the main section such
> as
> 6.48. Systemd-234
> would be helpful.  The numbers are not a part of the source and are only
> added when the html is generated.

Noted. I should have realized that no-one in their right minds would
manually number sections. I'll rerun some of the test suites that differed
running the LFS kernel; I don't expect differences. The logs for glibc,
gcc, and binutils were pretty much identical to those posted for my
architecture at lfs/build-logs.

Regarding grub: The reason I made those suggestions had more to do with the
sheer bulk of grub's documentation. It is very daunting for someone
starting out. People want quick fixes nowadays, so I do agree with you -
let them search the documentation. My students do a lot of moping in this
regard, but are generally quite positive when I bump into them several
years after graduation.

All the best,
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