[lfs-dev] LFS-8.1-systemd comments.

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 10:48:14 PST 2017

Allard Welter wrote:
> Greetings,
> Thank you for producing such high-quality instructions. The accuracy and
> consistency of the LFS book are remarkable considering the frequent changes to
> the packages and the number of contributors.
> It has been a number of years since my last LFS build. Work load and no
> internet
> connection at home being the major contributing factors. My first build was on
> an i486---I seem to recall LFS being a HOWTO. I kept some notes during the
> present build (see attached). If my students produced work a fraction as
> good as
> the LFS book, I would be a happy human indeed. (In my capacity as Physics
> lecturer I have produced notes for a large part of our undergraduate
> syllabus. I
> am also constantly saddled with marking and checking reports, and am
> involved in
> teaching LaTeX for report and thesis writing. I have a fair appreciation
> of how
> easy it is to make mistakes and how difficult it is to make a document
> consistent and free of error.)
> The comments are mostly nitpicks, but hopefully I am not incorrect in assuming
> that those producing work of such a high standard would appreciate the kind of
> feedback attached. I do not want to impose my style or preferences, so please
> feel free to ignore any of the suggestions I've made. I have witnessed
> some ugly
> spats between academics and journal editors and have no wish for such a
> scenario.
> At the end is a small section of queries---they are all very minor. Some of
> these may be particular to Fedora 27, Some may be bogus. (I interrupted
> the boot
> after building bash and failed to enter a new login shell after the next
> chroot
> so compiled a few packages from /tools/bin/bash.)
> I now have internet at home and have subscribed to this list so will happily
> clarify anything if required.
> Thanks again for your hard work. Regards,
> Allard
> System: AMD FX-6300, 16Gb
> Host: Fedora 27
> LFS: Stable 8.1-systemd

Thank you for your comprehensive comments.  I will try to answer them 
here.  Your comments are 548 lines so I will do it in multiple posts.

First, you may not know, but the source of the books (there are two LFS 
versions) is done in Docbook (xml plus stylesheets).  The renderings 
(system V, systemd, html, pdf, etc) are all taken from the same source.

In addition to the stable books, there are development books that update 
packages as they come out.  Our stable release schedule is March and 
September each year.

We treat the stable versions of the books somewhat like RFCs.  Once 
published they do not get updated.  The warts stay indefinitely.


General comments

"Is there a way to glue chapter and section numbers to their respective 
text? For example in LaTeX Chapter~\ref{chapter-ref}. (Chapter and Section 
numbers should not be separated across lines.)"

Yes.  The xml equivalent is an entity for non-breaking space:  
My initial count is 28 instances spread out in every chapter.

I have created a ticket so this will not be forgotten.

"Some sections end with a "Last updated on". These appear to give no 
information. (I'm reading the html nochunks doc)."

This is an artifact of the style sheets used to render the nochunks 
version of the book.  They are not present in the pdf or chunked version 
of the book.

I created a ticket so we can investigate how to fix the issue.

"Is there another hyphen like the LaTeX -- for things like Burrows--Wheeler?"

Yes, there is both – and —  entities available.  Most of the 
time an ascii dash/minus sign is appropriate.  We would need specific 
places to know where they are appropriate.

"Particular comments

Preface - Audience

The goal of Linux From Scratch ... you may not entirely benefit from the 
information in this book.
The goal of Linux From Scratch ... you may nevertheless benefit from the 
information in this book.

(Sounds a bit more positive.)"

Will be in the next development book.

"Preface - LFS Target Architectures

... and the execution speeds are only slightly faster.

execution speeds -> compilation times ? "

The text is not really referring to compilation times.  The text is a bit 
out of date, but is referring to general execution speeds of arbitrary 
programs.  I have updated that section and it will be in tomorrow's 
development book.

We only publish chunked versions of the development book when changes are 


The link  http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/errata/systemd/ points to 
version 7.8"

This has been fixed.

Continued on followup post.

   -- Bruce

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