[lfs-dev] LFS-8.1-systemd comments.

Allard Welter allard.welter at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 09:01:38 PST 2017


Thank you for producing such high-quality instructions. The accuracy and
consistency of the LFS book are remarkable considering the frequent changes
the packages and the number of contributors.

It has been a number of years since my last LFS build. Work load and no
connection at home being the major contributing factors. My first build was
an i486---I seem to recall LFS being a HOWTO. I kept some notes during the
present build (see attached). If my students produced work a fraction as
good as
the LFS book, I would be a happy human indeed. (In my capacity as Physics
lecturer I have produced notes for a large part of our undergraduate
syllabus. I
am also constantly saddled with marking and checking reports, and am
involved in
teaching LaTeX for report and thesis writing. I have a fair appreciation of
easy it is to make mistakes and how difficult it is to make a document
consistent and free of error.)

The comments are mostly nitpicks, but hopefully I am not incorrect in
that those producing work of such a high standard would appreciate the kind
feedback attached. I do not want to impose my style or preferences, so
feel free to ignore any of the suggestions I've made. I have witnessed some
spats between academics and journal editors and have no wish for such a

At the end is a small section of queries---they are all very minor. Some of
these may be particular to Fedora 27, Some may be bogus. (I interrupted the
after building bash and failed to enter a new login shell after the next
so compiled a few packages from /tools/bin/bash.)

I now have internet at home and have subscribed to this list so will happily
clarify anything if required.

Thanks again for your hard work. Regards,

System: AMD FX-6300, 16Gb
Host: Fedora 27
LFS: Stable 8.1-systemd
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