[lfs-dev] 8.1 chapter 3

Zura Kutchava zkutch at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 9 05:53:59 PST 2017

Dear Friends,

Firstly let me express great gratitude for all creators and developers of LFS. Had meet it on net I found ready realization of my old dream.

Started with version 8.1 and came to chapter 3 I wrote down little script (see attachment download_packages.sh) to facilitate downloading and checking packages. Sure everybody know about md5 checksum outdating, so I tried to avoid it. Everywhere where I found it possible I change it to gpg veryfing or sha256 checksum. I wrote to few tenth of package developers about helping me and almost all of them kindly did it. I couldn't write script without their help and want to thank them once again. Script contain in comments part of mainteners, who sent me answers and hints. Neverheless some packages veryfing still uses md5 and my aim is to avoid it at all.

I'll be grateful for all remarks/comments.

Also sorry if I should write this mail to other mailing lists, or, write something like hint. In this case, hope, somebody tell me correct way, as I plan continue my work to other chapters.

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