[lfs-dev] merge is the new trunk

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun May 29 13:43:13 PDT 2016

I have moved the merge LFS branch to be the new LFS/trunk/BOOK in svn. 
For most users it will make no difference.  For editors, the work should 
be a lot easier as only a few  pages are different between the System V 
book and the systemd book.

To generate the System V book, just use 'make' as normal.  Other useful 
targets include pdf, nochunks, validate, md5sums, wget-list, dump-commands 
and all (book nochunks pdf dump-commands).

To get the system versions of the above, just add REV=systemd as a make 
parameter.  The Makefile will also honor an exported REV environment 
variable so it does not need to be specified every time on the command line.

The default for REV is 'sysv'.

Other parameters are:

ifeq ($(REV), sysv)
   BASEDIR         ?= ~/lfs-book
   PDF_OUTPUT      ?= LFS-BOOK.pdf
   DUMPDIR         ?= ~/lfs-commands
   BASEDIR         ?= ~/lfs-systemd
   DUMPDIR         ?= ~/lfs-sysd-commands

These can be adjusted on the command line and will override the values in 
the Makefile.

The old LFS trunk version is still available at LFS/branches/BOOK.old.

   -- Bruce

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