[lfs-dev] LFS systemd-specific stuff

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon May 23 18:03:48 PDT 2016

DJ Lucas wrote:
> You'll also need to do that at <itemizedlist> on days when there is only
> an entry for one or the other book. First instance of this will possibly
> be in a few days...still holding on systemd-230 for a few more days at
> least, waiting to see if upstream handles the potential of a security
> issue, or if they expect distributions to write a policy to handle it.

I thought of that, but the vast majority of differences are in joint 
packages where no entry is needed.  There are only two packages in 
systemd, dbus and systemd itself, that are not in trunk.  That's for 
Chapter 6.  In that case the systemd book would use a different include file.

Actually, as I see it, the biggest differences are in Chapter 7.  That 
chapter is almost completely different between the books.

>> My goal is to just run 'make' to build the sysv book and 'make systemd'
>> for the other.  I think the method may work for BLFS also.

> Excellent! Above will work, I worry about jhalfs now though.

One step at a time, please.  I also worry about the currency scripts and 
the daily regeneration of the books and the patches and ...

I don't know
> much about it, but IIUC, jhalfs will have to do a first pass with xsltproc
> now, and obviously, config entries have to be added and what not. I've
> never used BLFS-tool either. Also, minor stuff...I'd change the make
> target for sysv and just depend "all:" on it, so that if a person who
> normally runs systemd build accidentally does "make sysv" it still works,
> but so does plain make, just add another make target for the existing with
> sysv: as a dependency so not to break anything else in the Makefile and done.

Yes, that's a one line change.  If we wanted we could create a make help 
instead, but for the limited use of the books' Makefiles, I think that's 

   -- Bruce

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