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Sorry for the top posting yet again but my screen reader will not let me bottom post.

If you add alsa to it just for the command line we could build Speakup.

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Am Montag, den 18.04.2016, 15:24 -0500 schrieb Bruce Dubbs:
> I've been thinking thinking about a new Live CD/Rescue CD based on 
> LFS.
> It would be much less ambitious than the old one that included an X 
> implementation.
> What I had in mind is a base LFS system with the following:
> dhcpcd
> wget
> ssh/ssl
> which
> links
> screen
> mc
> gptfdisk
> gpm
> LFS sources tarball
> What else?  Other possibilities:
> unzip
> subversion
> git
> wireless-tools
> wpa-supplicant
>    -- Bruce
A new "offical" CD would be great but should not introduce too much changes in the LFS system. On my wishlist would be that the CD could be built from a clean, fresh compiled LFS, adding some additional BLFS packages like

  dhcpcd, wget, openssl, openssh (as daemon, not only the client),
  rpcbind, nfs-{utils,client}, wpa-supplicant, wireless-tools

  (all whats needed for LFS), cvs, subversion, git, jhalfs

  nano, vim, joe

A graphical env is cool and usefull but it needs not to be full blown with every characterset existing on that earth and every language supported. English is the common base, and if there is an option to set the keyboard layout then its fine. For version 1.0, its not required at all and the question is, should the CD be another SystemRescueCD or will we have a working CD built in the "LFS way" ?

Before the CD exists, it would be very interesting to see a "How to build a Live-CD". If a user finally can put the bricks together and (re)build the CD, than it's no longer a very important question which packages are included. The user her/himself can remaster it on their own.
Working thru the book is telling the user how things work. I that all has been understood, many users starts to add additional packages like dhcp clients or such in their "chapter-6" before they are going to boot. The added packages are not documented in the LFS book (maybe in the BLFS book they are) but the important thing is that the user knows how to deal with them.
I dream of something like that for the CD. When the official CD is not sufficient for me, I'll find a documentation how the CD is made and can easily (more or less) rebuild the CD to my taste.

Long text short: a CD-book not a CD-image ;-)


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