[lfs-dev] Upcoming glibc

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 09:33:03 PST 2016

I just found out this morning that glibc-2.23 is to be released soon. 
Looking at https://sourceware.org/glibc/wiki/Release/2.23, it looks like 
most of their objectives for the release have been made.

Right now I'm building a full LFS at -j1 for size and time statistics and 
have been planning to go through the release process today for 7.9-rc1.

The question is whether we should wait for the latest glibc?  I'm not 100% 
comfortable about updating a critical package just before release. 
Waiting will certainly push back the stable release.

There are some security bugs fixed in the latest version:


but they look pretty esoteric to me.


   -- Bruce

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