[lfs-dev] Two changes to consider for 8.0

John Frankish john.frankish at outlook.com
Sat Dec 31 06:37:03 PST 2016

> > I've followed LFS to build a toolchain several times, except that I 
> > built gold and used isl as a dep.
> > 
> > With all of the toolchains, wherever other packages automatically use 
> > gold (libreoffice and others) compilation fails for different 
> > non-obvious (to me at least) reasons until gold is disabled.
> >
> I'll be able to check it out soon. How are you using gold? -B?
As mentioned, some apps (webkitgtk, not libreoffice as I originally stated) look for gold themselves and will only compile if it is disabled) but I've also used "-fuse-ld=gold" or made a symlink ld -> ld.gold

I just tested with something simple - sed - and in fact "-fuse-ld=gold" works, albeit the resulting sed binary is smaller if gold is not used.

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