[lfs-dev] nosym branches

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 14:10:27 PST 2016

DJ Lucas wrote:
> Howdy all. You might have noticed the nosym branches in SVN. This removes
> the /usr/lib64 symlink and replaces the /lib64 symlink with a directory
> containing only the symlinks to the dynamic loader for x86_64. The changes
> are actually pretty minimal, excluding the change to t-linux64 in the gcc
> builds and all of the removed changes to ltmain.sh (..lib/whatever.la has
> been moved), there are changes to eight packages in BLFS and one in LFS
> (where libdir must be specified). AFAICT, those nine changes should have
> no effect on builds where GCC is not modified. Although it's already been
> tested pretty thoroughly, I'd appreciate just a tad of wider testing
> before the changes land in trunk. If you've already built from the patches
> that have been floating around in my home directory over the past few
> months, then you are already up to date with the branches.

I've built a sysv version of the latest svn LFS using this branch and have 
continued through xorg (and Ken's changes to xorg fonts).

For xorg, we can remove the three lines at the end of the intro:

install -v -m755 -d $XORG_PREFIX &&
install -v -m755 -d $XORG_PREFIX/lib &&
ln -sf lib $XORG_PREFIX/lib64

So far, so good.

The only lib64 entry is /lib64 with two symlinks to 
../lib/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 as already documented.

I think we can probably put this in trunk as it is simpler than the 
symlinks we have now and will avoid all those 'seems to be moved' warnings.

I'm also thinking that this may be a big enough conceptual change (it's 
not really a dramatic change in instructions) to make this LFS 8.0.  If we 
do that, we should probably do it now so we have a lot of experience with 
it when we do the final tests for a March release.

What do you think?

   -- Bruce

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