[lfs-dev] LFS 7.10: 2.2. Host System Requirements: Perl version OK: module missing

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 08:36:20 PST 2016

akhiezer wrote:
>> From: Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com>
>> Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2016 20:02:22 -0600
>> Subject: Re: [lfs-dev] LFS 7.10: 2.2. Host System Requirements: Perl version
>>   OK: module missing
>> Kevin Buckley wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> am currently building a 7.10 from a very basic Ubuntu build host that I had
>>> debootstrapped.
>>> For completeness, I did run the
>>> version-check.sh
>>> as I worked through the book and everything reported OK.
>>> A bit further into the build, though, I was told that I didn't have the
>>> Getopt::Std.pm
>>> module.
>>> Easy enough to fix and whilst it might be "overkill" for the book, which
>>> probably assumes that folk have a build host that's not as stripped down
>>> as a debootstrapped OS install, it struck me that might be worth adding
>>> in an explicit check for that one Perl module ?
>> The file, AFAICT is /usr/lib/perl5/*/Getopt/Std.pm.
>> Why did you strip that out?  This is essentially a library.  We don't
>> search for every library that we need and Getopt/Std.pm is part of a
>> standard perl install.
>> I am against adding this to version-check.sh because it is too much of an
>> edge case, but I am open to other opinions.
> Can be useful in helping automate host-os requirements: strace'ing a
> build shows - at least in theory - all that is accessed of host-os;
> although strace can o/c interfere with what it's tracing.

I'm willing to do it if someone can show me a distro where a 
apt-get/yum/dnf etc install of perl does not install Getopt::Std.pm.

In the same vein, I am thinking about removing the library consistency 
check because that was a similar one-off problem where the solution  tends 
to confuse more than it helps.

   -- Bruce

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