[lfs-dev] 6.17. GCC-6.2.0 - purpose of the -k parameter in make -k check

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 09:29:48 PDT 2016

akhiezer wrote:
> 'make -k' buries/mixes errors in the output: if the 'make -k' ultimately
> fails, then that's a signal to backtrack to fix errors; but if the 'make
> -k' completes, then how do you know what errors have been encountered
> but continued past.

> Because of that, & AAFK, although use of 'make -k' for tests/debugs is
> fairly standard practice, it is usually considered to be potentially
> 'dangerous' if you don't really know the code behaviour enough.

> If the '-k' is to continue past the known, single issue re autogen,
> then just say that: but how can you guarantee that that will be the
> only error that has been skipped past; how do you instruct the user to
> proceed if 'make -k' completes.

Redirect the output to a log and review that?

If you want to suggest some changes to Section 4.6. About the Test Suites, 
then we can consider that.

   -- Bruce

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