[lfs-dev] Package Freeze

Thierry Nuttens tnuttens at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 02:10:04 PDT 2016

> I think I've got it figured out.  Even though the package is labelled
> gcc-6.2.0-RC-20160815, internally it thinks it is version 6.1.1.
> I changed the instructions for   to use:
> --with-gxx-include-dir=/tools/$LFS_TGT/include/c++/6.1.1
> I also renamed the extracted directory to gcc-6.1.1 when I build pass2, but
> I don't think that did anything.
> In any case, I was able to build gcc-pass2 to completion.
> The way I figured it out was to do:
> x86_64-lfs-linux-gnu-c++ dummy.c -v -Wl,--verbose &> dummy.log
> and the search path in the log indicated 6.1.1.  Actually I did not need to
> rebuild libstdc++.  I just renamed the directory
> /tools/$LFS_TGT/include/c++/6.2.0-RC-20160815 to
> /tools/$LFS_TGT/include/c++/6.1.1
>   -- Bruce

Wouah, I'm really impress. Bruce You're My Hero.

I'll give a try this evening (Paris Time) and come back with hopefully
positives news.

By the way, would it means that it's actually the 6.1.1 we are dealing with???

Did you change ONLY libstdc++ recept and rename to gcc-6.1.1 ?

Thanks a lot for your efforts and thanks again  to the all team which
make an incredible job.

Thierry Nuttens

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