[lfs-dev] some typos

Julien Lepiller roptat at lepiller.eu
Mon Aug 8 13:27:26 PDT 2016


while working on the translation, I spotted a few typos:

systemd version

changelog, 2016-05-19 :
Ajusted eplanatory text Static IP Configuration:
reslov.conf instead of resolv.conf

7.2.4. Customizing the /etc/hosts File:
If ussing a staic address

sysvinit version

6.63.3.  Contents of Sysklogd:
that depends on how trusting the logging daemon is told to bei.

both versions
------------- The Grub Bios Partition:
must be available for GRUB to to use during installation

6.47.2. Contents of Gettext:
msgcomm  Finds the messages that are common to to the given .po files 

Julien Lepiller

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