[lfs-dev] Binutils >= 2.27 and seg fault when using glibc pass 1

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 08:05:52 PDT 2016

Romain Geissler wrote:

> So in the end, to fix any issue when using binutils >= 2.27, you should
> remove the flag libc_cv_ctors_header=yes when building glibc pass 1. I
> have boostrapped a complete GNU toolchain following the LFS guidelines and
> this tiny change on x86_64, run the tests of the final system gcc, glibc
> and binutils, and all went well (I don't run the test suites on the
> temporary system though).

I want to really express my appreciation for your analysis of this 
problem.  Indeed, removing libc_cv_ctors_header=yes from glibc-pass1 
completely fixes the problem.  I have committed the change.

   -- Bruce

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