[lfs-dev] Thinking about a new LFS Live CD/iso

Nick Gawronski nick at nickgawronski.com
Thu Apr 21 01:19:02 PDT 2016

Hi, I also am totally blind and think the new live disc should include 
the speakup screen reader and sound card support as most newer systems 
don't have built in serial ports so using an external hardware voice 
synthesizer is not possible.  Also, Reading the normal book I understand 
about no sound card support like alsa utilities but for a blind user who 
requires it for speech output could this not be moved to the LFS main 
book?  Once the disc is built putting directions on how you built the 
disc would be very useful as well as having the disc load all of the way 
into ram so the physical disc can be removed from the drive would be a 
very useful addition.  Nick Gawronski

On 4/21/2016 3:10 AM, Chris Staub wrote:
> (sending again, to both lists this time)
> On 04/18/2016 04:24 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> I've been thinking thinking about a new Live CD/Rescue CD based on LFS.
>> It would be much less ambitious than the old one that included an X
>> implementation.
>> What I had in mind is a base LFS system with the following:
>> gptfdisk
> Current fdisk tools in util-linux should support gpt. Is there any 
> advantage to gptfdisk now?

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