[lfs-dev] Stripping

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 21:51:48 PDT 2016

I was looking at the secion in Chapter 6 on stripping.  What we have now is:

/tools/bin/find /{,usr/}{bin,lib,sbin} -type f \
     -exec /tools/bin/strip --strip-debug '{}' ';'

But upon examination, I think we also need to strip /usr/libexec.  Doing 
that freed up about 300M on my build.

Tha command would then be:

/tools/bin/find /{bin,lib,sbin} /usr/{bin,lib,sbin,libexec} -type f \
-exec /tools/bin/strip --strip-debug '{}' ';'

That leaves me with:

# du -sh *|grep -v K
4.6M    bin
11M     boot
13M     etc
7.6M    lib
13M     sbin
480M    usr

# du -sh usr/*|grep -v K
34M     usr/bin
21M     usr/include
117M    usr/lib
61M     usr/libexec
2.0M    usr/sbin
247M    usr/share

What do you think?

   -- Bruce

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