[lfs-dev] 7.9 & dev: extraneous markup - kernel headers pages.

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 10:14:32 PDT 2016

akhiezer wrote:
> lfs 7.9 & svn-20160407 : ch.5 & ch.6 'linux-headers' pages have a
> bit of extraneous markup for commands, that doesn't follow practice
> in rest of book.
> Example:
> ====
> * http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/stable/chapter05/linux-headers.html
>    Rendered txt:
>      make INSTALL_HDR_PATH=dest headers_install
>      cp -rv dest/include/* /tools/include
>    Corresp html (~~de-fanged):
>          [pre class="userinput"]
> [kbd class="command"]make INSTALL_HDR_PATH=dest headers_install
> [/kbd][kbd class="command"]cp -rv dest/include/* /tools/include[/kbd]
> [/pre]
> ====
> Each command is wrapped in its own [kbd] tag: whereas the book appears
> to follow the general practice of only using one [kbd] tag-pair for
> the cmd-block.

The source is:

<screen><userinput remap="make">make INSTALL_HDR_PATH=dest 
headers_install</userinput><userinput remap="install">cp -rv 
dest/include/* /tools/include</userinput></screen>

The reason is that we use jhalfs to extract the first
<userinput remap="make"> as a non privileged command and the <userinput 
remap="install"> as privileged.

I suppose that this is not needed since everything in Chapter 5 is done as 
user lfs and as root in Chapter 6.

Looking at the output in a browser, I can't tell the difference.  Why is 
this a problem?

   -- Bruce

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