[lfs-dev] gcc 5.1.0 test suite time out errors.

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Thu Jun 11 15:56:44 PDT 2015

On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 05:19:35PM -0500, Laurence Dawson wrote:
> The failures are all time outs around the cilk functionality. The
> virtualbox vm I'm building on is running a clean install of Ubuntu 15.04
> server (no ui), with 1G ram, one cpu ( it's an Ivy Bridge Intel i3320m)
We had a report of a cilk error, among other errors, for 7.7 (cilk
was new with gcc-4.9.0).  At that time I was seeing rather more
errors in my own builds (turned out I had an old, smaller, ulimit
setting).  My guess is that 1G RAM might be a bit tight, perhaps it
is swapping, slowly ?

> Is this OK, or am I wasting my time going forward from here?
> --Larry

It's only a testsuite ;-)  What really matters is whether it works
when you have finished the build.  In LFS-4 before the 'pure LFS'
changes we got a lot of unreproducible problems, which is why we
recommend running the tests.  Sometimes they show a problem
(hundreds of failures).  I don't think anybody has reported results
quite like yours (_all_ the failures are in cilk), but that doesn't
mean anything.

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