[lfs-dev] mailing lists

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 14:18:15 PDT 2015

I've had to make a change to the mailing lists.  In the past, messages 
sent to the lists by those not registered were put in hold status and 
sent to me.  Usually these were spam, but occasionally there were some 
legitimate messages that I let through.

Recently the number of spam messages sent has picked up by quite a bit. 
  I estimate I'm now seeing 40-50 a day on each list.  What I've had to 
do then is to change the policy in the mail list software to just 
discard any message sent to the list from an unregistered address.

I'll miss a few legitimate messages this way, but it can't be helped.

   -- Bruce

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