[lfs-dev] perl-5.22 causes test failures

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 19:07:52 PDT 2015

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 07, 2015 at 05:32:48PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> With the new version of perl in the book, 4 packages now generate failures:
>> coreutils, m4, grep, and diffuils.  What I see is messages like:
>> 094-coreutils-8.23:FAIL: test-update-copyright.sh
>> 096-m4-1.4.17:FAIL: test-update-copyright.sh
>> 099-grep-2.21:FAIL: test-update-copyright.sh
>> 111-diffutils-3.3:FAIL: test-update-copyright.sh
>> I imagine that this is due to something built into autoconf or other support
>> file used in multiple packages.  I really don't think it is worth mentioning
>> in the book.  Upstream will fix it as new revisions are brought out.
>>    -- Bruce
> It's in gnulib, which is why so many packages share it.  At the
> moment, google is not finding any fixes, at least for me (probably,
> you are the first person to run these testsuites with it).
> Do you have any leftover files to indicate how it failed ?  I'll
> start a new build including 5.22 sometime this week, I hope, but in
> the meantime I have no data to go on.  The test checks for perl and
> then invokes the supplied update-copyright perl script with various
> inputs.
> And if any of these packages has not fixed it by the time we
> release, I think we ought to mention it.  But in the meantime, only
> people who read this list should be building -svn, so no harm done.

Yes, I've reported it to gnulib.  It's doing a diff and getting extra 
messages like:

+Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated, passed through in regex; 
marked by <-- HERE in m/\G(?:(?:[ \t\r\f]*(?:[ \t\r\f]|\n)[ 
\t\r\f]*)(?:\([cC]\)|@copyright{ <-- HERE }|©))?(?:[ \t\r\f]*(?:[ 
\t\r\f]|\n)[ \t\r\f]*)(?:(?:\d\d)?\d\d(?:,(?:[ \t\r\f]*(?:[ \t\r\f]|\n)[ 
\t\r\f]*)?|-))*((?:\d\d)?\d\d)(?:[ \t\r\f]*(?:[ \t\r\f]|\n)[ 
\t\r\f]*)Free(?:[ \t\r\f]*(?:[ \t\r\f]|\n)[ \t\r\f]*)Software(?:[ 
\t\r\f]*(?:[ \t\r\f]|\n)[ \t\r\f]*)Foundation,(?:[ \t\r\f]*(?:[ 
\t\r\f]|\n)[ \t\r\f]*)Inc./ at 
/sources/grep-2.21/build-aux/update-copyright line 174, <> chunk 1.

Got that?  :)

Actually I see it in grep's 
/sources/grep-2.21/build-aux/update-copyright and the change will 
probably be to escape one or more left braces.

But even if gnulib changes it, all the upstream packages will need to 
incorporate it.

   -- Bruce

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