[lfs-dev] Resignation

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Fri Jul 31 09:33:10 PDT 2015


Due to real life issues, lack of time and systemd developers making
it hard to deploy systemd on LFS, I'll be resigning as developer for
both LFS and BLFS systemd.

The lack of time is the main reason, but other issues are equally
true for why I'll be stepping down. I ask for my accounts to remain
around in case I get a chance to contribute to the project once again.

I may remain on the mailing list and participate in some issues,
but don't expect much as I've been feeling lately that I've got no
reason to be around anymore.

Feel free to contact me privately for anything you feel I may be
able to help.

As my final contribution, I have managed to get systemd-223 tarball
on anduin, but not in the books, so that remains for whoever wants
to take over.

Cheers and thanks for all the support over the years.

(ps, I don't feel sorry for anything I may have done wrong, we're
all people after all)

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