[lfs-dev] About new systemd release management

James Powell maduinthemarauder at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 15:21:21 PDT 2015

Also, sorry about the top-post, but I have no control over my email client unfortunately. I've tried fixing it, but can't.

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James Powell wrote:
> It's weird that after 222 that they're going strictly to unstable
> code branches and nightly build monikers.
> Trimming down a project is nice and all, and using autogen.sh is
> fine, but when you halt stable versioned releases, that gets a bit
> absurd.
> Tracking bugs on dated git pulls becomes flat out impossible. I've
> been there, done that, and learned my lesson.
> Some of these changes of recent to the entire systemd development
> model just make me wonder what the Hell is going on.
> I can understand forking of gudev, going to autogen.sh to avoid
> mismatches with autotools versions and libtool, but stopping stable
> releases... that's outright odd.

Unfortunately, it's becoming more common.  Grub released version 
2.02-beta2 in December 2013 and nothing since although I follow their 
list and they make regular commits.  We get the same thing with x264 and 

Others, especially on github, do not release properly named packages but 
they come out with names like v122.tar.xz when fetched with wget.

We work around this, but it makes our task harder.

   -- Bruce

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