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I find this of little excuse to not have autotools ready tarballs from the developer. I too use githib, but you can branch stable code, pull the sources, and get them package ready in versioned releases. I'm wondering if this is just laziness or carelessness?

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Starting with systemd-222, the systemd developers, after switching to github
not so long before that, stopped offering traditional tarballs that included
autotools files, html docs and manual pages and instead started using
github-generated tarballs which only include a snapshot of a git repository
at the time of the tag.

Such tarballs are unsuitable for LFS, mainly because they don't include
package name in the default download URL, they don't provide autotools
files, which would require additional package being added to LFS to
utilize autotools and there are no manual pages or html docs which would
also require additional deps to generate them during the build procedure.

Now, to overcome mentioned issues, I have generated a tarball myself that's 
similar to the ones that were previously offered by systemd developers.

Thanks to Bruce, I've been allowed to host them on his anduin server and
starting with systemd-222, the LFS book will switch to using self-generated

They are hosted at the following location:


Note: My last name is not Krejzi.

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