[lfs-dev] minor comments for LFS book

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 17:29:59 PST 2015

Alexey Orishko wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I have a few minor comments for LFS book.
> In 6.2. Preparing Virtual Kernel File Systems, constructed mkdir path
> always (for me) contains a double slash:
> if [ -h $LFS/dev/shm ]; then
>    mkdir -pv $LFS/$(readlink $LFS/dev/shm)
> fi
> Should it be like  mkdir -pv $LFS$(readlink $LFS/dev/shm) ?

Why?  do you have a slash at the end of $LFS?  Not that it makes any difference.

ls //// is the same as ls /

That's what the POXIX standard says.  Try it.

> In ch. 8.2. Creating the /etc/fstab File:
> While checking setting for my fstab I came across an old article about
> dump option, see
> http://dump.sourceforge.net/isdumpdeprecated.html
> Is there any particular reason to set dump=1 for root file system?

Just tradition.  The dump column is for a command named 'dump'.  We don't have 
that as it's quite obsolete.  You can set the value in the dump column to 
anything you want, but you need something there.  My view is that the dump 
column just gives an indication of a physical disk -- so I use 1 for real 
partitions that can be written (not dvd. etc) and 0 fro everything lese.

   -- Bruce

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